Why Moving Into The FinTech Sector Could Be A Smart Move For Employees Right Now

Before it even becomes a thing, let’s first address the elephant in the room…

…Yes, we are recruiters, so yes, we encourage people to move jobs, but the truth is, in the FinTech industry, there is a good time to enter it and a great time, and, if you’re someone who’s currently sheltering in a job you’re not happy in for fear of what’s going on out there, then let us tell you now is a GREAT time to consider a move into this burgeoning giant.

But first, a bit of context…

It’s no secret that the craziness of the last few years has scared employees into sticking at jobs they might not be happy in.

(If you’re one of these people, we empathise – it’s tough, really tough)

Couple that with talks of an oncoming recession and yes, it all feels a little bleak, but as there saying goes, “the greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow”, and in this case, the FinTech industry could be the rainbow you didn’t know you were looking for.

You see, where other industries such as motor manufacturing and retail are struggling, the FinTech industry is booming, and thus the job market too.

In fact, it’s predicted that the global industry will quadruple (to over £30 billion) by 2026, as it’s estimated over 50% of the entire world’s population will use at least one FinTech platform daily, such as mobile banking.

So, why you? Why now?

If you identify as someone who is “sheltering” right now, but who is also keen to explore prospects that are better paid, offer a better work/life balance (i.e. work from home and flexi-working) and that provide oodles of opportunities for career growth, (not to mention prospects that are creatively stimulating and innovative), then there really is no better industry to explore.

It could be that your current employer may be among the many businesses that have cottoned onto the sheltering employee patterns. They feel that they can count on the staff to stay put in their positions and do not feel that they need to support growth or develop new skill avenues for employees.

If you feel that’s the company you currently work for, then consider asking the question about whether the company itself is moving forward or is in fact stable to support you over the next year.

In the spirit of transparency, it’s also worthwhile considering that if you are not developing any new skills in your role, it might be possible that you’re in a less valuable position whenever layoffs happen by your employer.

However, in the realm of FinTech, recruiters are constantly on the lookout to fill exciting positions within fresh growing businesses, and those looking to advance within this world have the opportunity to build toward a promotion through work that is appreciated for the growth of the company.

FinTech tickled your fancy? There’s more…

The FinTech industry is an arena suited to people who are dynamic, hard-working and appreciated for their expertise.

Opportunities within this sector open up every day within fresh startups and established companies that are breaking into new markets.

Startups themselves are developing and launching exciting new software solutions and they are looking for long-term, qualified and talented individuals who want to progress in the business.

So, what’s the first move?

The first step (that, reassuringly won’t compromise your current position) is to enquire or take an interview.

Participating in an interview is not a commitment to leaving your current job, even if you receive an offer on the position you are interviewed for – it is the door to discovering if the job is a better fit than what you currently have, or opens up a desire to explore what other options could be open to you.

Here at Syncopate we work with a catalogue of excellent FinTech companies ranging from small and promising startups, to multinational tech titans, which means, it’s highly likely we will have a role suited to your individual preferences.

If you’d like to explore these opportunities, you’re more than welcome to send us an email at hello@wearesyncopate.com or call us on +44(0) 333 733559 , or alternatively, feel free to check out our website to get a better feel of what could be on offer for you.

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