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Why Assembling The Right C-Suite Leaders Is Key To FinTech Growth

Assemble, Fintech start-ups. The fate of your company rests on the strength of your executive team, and it’s time to level up. The world of C-suite roles is changing faster than a speeding bullet, and the only way to stay ahead is to adapt.

To succeed, you need leaders who can handle the pressure, take charge, and bring your vision to life. That means new skills, new job descriptions, and a new approach to hiring. If you want to attract the best talent, you need to think like an Avenger and assemble a dream team.


First Up, Let’s Talk About The Morphing C-Suite

The CEO role is tougher than ever, and you need someone who can be transparent, authentic, and focused on execution. But it’s not just about the top dog. The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) role has also evolved. They used to be responsible for compensation and benefits, but now they must coach their peers to excel in their jobs and address employee needs that have grown with disruptive changes.

And let’s not forget about the rising stars in the c-suite…

The Chief Technology Officer is now seen as critical going forward, followed by Chief Operating and Financial Officers. Investors and portfolio company leaders are increasingly hiring for roles with sustainability or diversity, equity, and inclusion focus.


But How Do You Find The Right Candidates For These Demanding Roles?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are three recommended actions to help you assemble your dream team, as let’s face it, even Iron Man knows he can’t do it alone…

  1. Nail Role Responsibilities: Just as Captain America’s mission is to fight for his country’s ideals, each of your C-Suite heroes needs to know what their purpose and remits are. Review your strategy and get broad input on the changing requirements before moving forward. Survey or interview members of employee resource groups and other stakeholders about what competencies are necessary for new roles.


  1. Consider “soft skills” with high importance: Assess each candidate’s emotional intelligence, empathy, and ability to work remotely with different employees. Evaluate their capacity to live personal values while also embodying the organization’s values. You don’t want a Hulk-sized ego causing chaos in the office.


  1. Dig Deep: Use behavioral interview questions to gain insights into how a candidate might behave in the future. Look for resilience against negative life experiences, such as being fired or losing a job. We need heroes who can handle a setback without turning to the dark side.


With these steps in place, you can avoid hiring the Loki to your Thor or the Ultron to your Iron Man. Stay close to your findings and discuss them with your fellow Avengers to ensure you bring in the best leader possible. Let’s face it, we have enough villains to deal with already.

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