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What Does “Sheltering in Job” Mean, And Why Is It Such A Rubbish Idea If You Work In FinTech?

Buzzwords. They seem to be everywhere in recruitment, and even more so in FinTech.

(we’ll spare you the list)

But, the word (or words) that have got everyone buzzing right now is “sheltering in job”.

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that “sheltering-in-job” is a posh term for bringing your sleeping bag to the office – because it does sound like that – but no, “sheltering in job” actually means staying in a job because it’s a safe bet and easier than looking for something else.

So, why is it such a rubbish idea?

Well, there are two ways to look at this: from an employee’s pov and from an employer’s pov.


Let’s First Look At It From An Employee’s POV…

If you’re “sheltering in job”, the chances are you’ve lost the spark; the fire and the “ummph” that gets you up and on to your desk each morning.

Yes, the money might be ok, and the job, you know…meh, but if you’re completely honest, just like the partner who, after years of you asking, still doesn’t pick up their dirty laundry up off the floor…it’s just not doing it for you anymore.

Then, what happens is, you lose the drive to develop and evolve, complacency kicks in and you end up watching your damn clock all day, making the work day a teeny bit miserable.


Now Let’s Switch It Up To The Employer’s POV…

If they see someone “sheltering in job”, what, do you think they notice?

Late arrivals, sick days, missed deadlines, lacklustre presence in the office/teams calls, perhaps?

Ultimately, if someone’s “sheltering in job”, it’s not good for their business, as that position could be taken by someone more willing, which leaves you, the employee in a very precarious position.


So, If You’ve Identified Yourself As A “Shelterer”, What Should You Do?

FinTech is such an exciting industry to be in; it’s fast-paced, innovative and ever-changing, which means, if you’re in a role that doesn’t feel like that (and you want it to), then you’d be wise to start looking for other opportunities, either within your current company or outside of it.

If you decide you want to stay within your current company and perhaps feel like a promotion is a better route for you, then talk with your manager about what achievements are necessary to nail that promotion; the very fact you will then have something new and challenging to work on could be enough to keep you from feeling like you’re sheltering.


But, Watch Out, Manager Motives Are About…

It’s a true fact that some managers rely on people “sheltering” in jobs and take advantage of staff being content to sit tight, as it can be easier for them than working with their staff to progress them.

If you feel like you’re being managed with that kind of motive, then it’s down to you to make sure your manager knows what your intentions are and that you’re serious about upping your game.


When Your Shelter Collapses

How confident are you that your current company is stable? Can you safely say it’s keeping up with the dynamic pace of the FinTech race? All too often, you think you’re safe sheltering in a role, when, sometimes, the company may not be doing as well as you think.

If you’re not doing continuing to progress or master new skills that will keep you and your role indispensable, then, if the unexpected happens and layoffs or restructuring takes place, you might very well be in a “uh oh” position.

Our advice, therefore is to explore your options outside of your current company and have an exit tunnel strategy should your shelter collapse!


Nothing Wrong With A Bit Of Window Shopping

Hey, look, if you do spot an opportunity outside your current company, take the interview! Attending an interview is still only the window-shopping phase, and why shouldn’t you weigh up your options.

An interview works both ways and is a chance to see if you’re a good fit for them and if they’re a good fit for you. Even if you receive an offer, you’re not obliged to accept it.

If nothing else comes out of it, at least you will have gained worthwhile experience.

Exploring what else is out there is the best way to stay informed about the growing Fintech industry and ensure you are currently being compensated fairly for your time and experience.


Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve

By now you might be more inclined to believe that “sheltering in job” isn’t a smart move, especially for someone like you, who, from the very fact you’re reading this, tells us you’ve got a hell of a lot to give.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve; go out there and suss out what other opportunities many be awaiting you, whether that’s in your current company or beyond – trust us, sheltering is only comfy until someone nicks your sleeping bag!



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